My daughter asked me to go with her for a consultation for liposuction. When I first was told from her about what she was going to do, I was upset. I asked her who referred her to this doctor. She said she searched for different doctors on the website when she came across Doctor Elliece S. Smith. She stood out over all the other doctors she read up on based on her credentials. I read her write up and was very impressed with this doctor.

So I decided to go support my daughter. The day of her consultation we were in the waiting room. That is when this lady walked through the door and we could not stop looking at her. We both started talking to her and she said she had liposuction. Then she told us she was 55 years old. I thought she looked great! I ask her if the procedure was painful and she said not at all.

After that, my daughter had her consultation and scheduled her appointment. Then the day came for my daughter’s liposuction. Doctor Smith and her assistant were very professional and they make you feel very relaxed. I was even able to watch my daughter have her liposuction. The results were amazing and her doctor was excellent. After watching my daughter have it done and realizing I can do this, I went ahead and did it too.

My daughter looks and feels great and so do I. I am very pleased with both of our results and so is she. I feel better about myself and my husband loves the way I look. Most important, I love the way I look! I feel great and I am happy that my daughter feels better about herself. Some people don’t like to let other people know they had liposuction. I have no problem telling anyone. I tell them if they want to look great and feel better about the way they look, then they should go see Doctor Elliece Smith.

 I am writing this testimony about my experience with the liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Elliece Smith. I received this life altering experience in the summer of 2007. My overall experience was a pleasant one.

I have had several surgeries throughout my lifetime and was reluctant at first to receive a plastic surgery procedure. But upon speaking to Dr. Smith and her friendly staff, I felt comfortable and confident about having the procedure performed.

The actual procedure took 5 hours and I was fully awake and aware of my surroundings at all times. There was a slight discomfort during and a little after but nothing major. I followed Dr. Smith’s guidelines completely and I have had no complications to date. I had such a pleasant experience that I plan to have a final procedure on another area.

I recommend Dr. Smith and her competent staff for any cosmetic procedure that you may need.
C.G., 60 y.o.

Have you ever tried on clothes and, for some reason, your clothes just didn’t fit exactly the way you want them to, all because of your mid section? For years I have struggled with stubborn belly fat. I have tried diet and exercise, which worked out for the weight loss part. However, dieting and exercise did not give me the “look”. I needed something to tighten and mold my body into shape. Therefore, I decided to go to one of Dr…Elliece Smith’s liposuction consultations to see what it was all about. She explained the whole procedure, the costs, and gave me all the detailed information about the procedure and, after the consultation, I was ready for a “Brand New Me”.

I was excited. The recovery was all that I had expected and I was back to work within three days. After following all directions and recommendations including continuing a healthy diet plan and exercise, it all worked out. Now I can tuck in my shirt and feel confident, put on my form fitting dress and swimsuit.. With my new sculptured body, I cannot stay out of the mirror. I cannot believe it! I actually have a waistline. People, who I’ve known for years are turning their heads and giving compliments.

Thanks so much Dr. Smith. Your Liposuction procedure changed the way I walk!
Come and attend one of her consultations today! It could change your life also.
R.M., 47 y.o

 After having the tumescent procedure on my abdomen and upper arms, I am truly elated at the results and dazzled by the improved me! No more budging folds around the waistline or tight fitting dress or jacket sleeves! My improved appearance gives me the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that when people look at me, they are actually seeing me and are not distracted by my ill fitting clothing. I would recommend the procedure to anyone.
H.M., 56 y.o.

 Finally, at age 52, I decided that fighting the bulge was a loosing battle. TIME to suck it off and my experience with Dr. Smith and her staff has been totally satisfying. Each month, there is LESS of me in all the unwanted places. I am very happy with the results from my liposuction procedure and I plan to have other areas of my body “restored”.
D.A., 53 y.o.