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Welcome to our practice. Our mission is to provide patients with a high level of gynecologic care to keep you in good health. We also offer Cosmetic surgery aimed at helping you recapture that body that time and childbearing have changed using proven, effective methods as well as innovative advanced technologies in a skilled and caring fashion. We know that you may have questions concerning our office and how it functions. You may also have questions about the many procedures offered. As your health care provider, we want you to have the comfort accessing that kind of information 24 hours a day. We have provided this Web site as an easy-to-use reference.

Dr. Elliece S. Smith offers a variety of procedures for her patients. The list of these procedures includes:


Tumescent Liposuction


Birth control including IUD insertion


Removal of Fibroids (myomectomy)


Removal of Uterus (hysterectomy) including Laparoscopic Hysterectomy


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In 2005, Dr. Smith decided to transition her private practice. She phased out Obstetrics and, as a natural progression, introduced “A Brand New You” – cosmetic surgery aimed at helping her patients recapture the body that time and childbearing had changed.
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